19 April 2011

And Tuesday Began with A Bang

During the night thunderstorms moved through our area. Now as a general rule, I am not afraid of storms. I can sleep through them. I know to stay inside and away from windows.

Today, my alarm had just started to go off, when there was a loud bang and a bright flash of light. Then everything went black. I searched in my yarn bag (yes it was right by my bed) for a flashlight. Then I went down the hall and discovered light, coming from my daughter's bathroom (the benefit of having a night light in there), but my room was still dark (nothing lit), my one DD's room was dark (no lights or fans), the other DD's room lit up (another night light).

I wandered down the stairs and turned on the light in the kitchen....it worked. I wandered down to the basement and checked the breaker box. There was a switch flipped. Okay, I am woman, I know how to flip the switch. Nope didn't work. That's not right....I now wander outside to make sure my house is not on fire. Nope, nothing on fire, nothing smoldering....still no light in my room or my one DD's room. Now I am getting scared and I need to talk with my husband to let him know what is going on. He finally comes home and we decide to get an electrician out to the house....King Electric. The man that comes is very good, he determines that the breaker is destroyed and he puts in a new one...all in an hour from arriving at my house. He was polite, he was nice and he worked quickly.

So if you are in the Lebanon, OH area and need a reliable electrician call King Electric.

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