07 December 2014

My Birthday Date

Last night (Saturday), my husband and I went to Macaroni Grill for supper. This was his gift to me, to take me to a restaurant to celebrate my birthday, belatedly. We were waiting for a table and I was knitting and we were talking. I was also watching the people around us.

There was an older couple. You could tell they were dating. They were so cute together. They were paying attention to each other, cuddled together, and holding hands. They were talking about every day life and things that were happening to them and their families.

Next to them was a younger couple. They had their cell phones out, looking at the screens and texting other people. After awhile, they put their phones away and talked a little. But then a phone buzzed and they were back into their phones.

There was a group of women, who were wearing what looked like pj pants, it was a mixed group of older and younger ladies. The older ladies did not have their phones out and they were just sitting off by themselves. On the same bench were the younger ladies and they were a little more animated. But they had phones out.

Now, as I stated, I had my knitting with me. But I was talking with my husband and we were talking about what was going on around us. We also noted that it seemed that the buzzer that they gave us, was not working as they came into the area looking for us, asking us if we were "Mary." Then we went and sat at a table. I did put the phone out. That was so that if it rang we knew it was ringing, but I didn't stare at the screen and I didn't play on it. When you are parents or you have someone who is ill, you carry your phone everywhere. You use it to make sure that all is well. But, yes, I did have my phone and yes it was out. But I didn't sit staring at it or texting with someone else. My priority was being with my husband.

Now, I will also state, that due to food allergies and the menu, the place used, I needed to use my phone to look up ingredients in the food. If I had ordered the wrong thing, I would not have been able to eat or if I had eaten, I could have had a severe allergy reaction. I think there is a time and a place for phones, but I do like how that older couple did it. They were more interested in each other than in their phones (if they even had them with them).

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