17 December 2014

Special Place in Hell

This may come off as insensitive, but there has to be a special place in hell for people who abandon, abuse or throw away an animal(s) that they took in to be their friend. On Monday, this beautiful, sweet, loving, very ill, white cat showed up in my garage. She was covered on her back half with something that stunk. After she had been in the garage for awhile, she tried to clean it off herself. But she just couldn't get it all. She was starving (what you see is a plate with canned cat food) and very thirsty. She was needing medical care. I posted her picture all over FB in hopes that her owner (the cowards) would reclaim her. I didn't realize at that point how very ill she was. But as the day progressed and the next morning, I knew she was very ill. I had dreams all night long that she was dead. We fixed a very large carrier up with a blanket and we set her up with a temporary box to use for potty. We named her Ursula.  But she was not able to make it to the box. A very wonderful woman with a group that helps to rescue cats, contacted me and had me bring her to their favorite vet office. They took her from us and checked her out. She had Feline Leukemia and they loved her and fed her some really good food and they put her down, so she would not have to suffer any longer. Her last 24 hours on this planet were good ones, but they could have been better and the people who dumped her are cowards and idiots. Taking care of these sweet gifts are a blessing and one that should not be taken for granted. My girls and I are heart broken, she was such a sweet, loving little girl. We really just wanted her to have a chance at a good life, like the one that our sweet rescues have enjoyed over the last 14 years that my husband and I have been together.

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