17 December 2014

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Defense

Bill Cosby one time told the story of feeding Chocolate Cake to his children for breakfast. His excuse, the children wanted it and it had some breakfast things in it - eggs, flour, etc. His wife got on his case about feeding the children inappropriate food for breakfast.

When our children were young, I was taking care of something else and my children had followed their Dad downstairs to get a drink and food. Notice, I don't say breakfast because I don't consider ice cream breakfast food.

I asked why the girls had ice cream for breakfast? His response, "They helped themselves." I became Bill Cosby's wife - "You are the Parent, tell them no!"

I truly believe that working Dad's cave to their children's demands for the wrong foods because they don't want to be the bad guy and also so they don't have to take responsibility too often.

It's like when you see your child eat cold left over pizza for breakfast, to hear them say, "What? It has all the food groups! Dairy, meat, vegetables, etc." But usually they are older and sometimes in college. When they are in preschool you would hope they eat better than ice cream or chocolate cake for breakfast.

But his little slip up doesn't get him off the hook. He still has to feed them breakfast. If I let him off that easy I would never get all things completed, and just stress myself out more than necessary. So I'll just have to make sure he knows that the Chocolate Cake Defense doesn't work with me.

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