30 November 2014

More for Christmas

For me, Christmas, has been a time of baking and being with my girls and making fun things. But it is also all about celebrating birthdays. We have a lot of those right now. So I will be putting recipes (mostly links) to help me find them again, and pattern links so I can find those also. FB is still a horrible place to save things as it is so hard to find them again. Good place for pictures, but not for links to things you want to find again. I will also have some homeschooling links, that I want for later. I will also be cleaning out my email, there are so many things there, but some of the emails have only one or two things I want to save and so many I don't show any interest in. This will be a very long blog page, as I will be emptying out both areas:

100 Ideas for Shoeboxes for girls
50 Acts of Kindness for Advent
Travel US and see Major Landmarks

Hats and Mitts Garland
Snowflake Garland
Over the Rainbow Afghan
61 Crochet Season Afghans
24 Easy Crochet Granny Squares
Brightly Colored Throw - makes me think of the kind shown in TV shows
Small Happy Flowers - thinking about these for nieces
Huggable Happy Colors Penguin
17 Knit & Crochet Ear Warmers
Crochet Tote Bag
Moogly Links for Holiday gifts
Elsa Frozen Inspired Afghan
Moogly CAL Block 23 (I am so far behind on this I may never catch up).
50 Free Scarves and Cowl Patterns
Triangle Shawl
Christmas Garland Round Up
Polar Bear Ornaments
Bird Trio
Little Frogs and Toads
Starburst Cozy for Electronics
Drew's Little Monster
Snowflake Table Runner
Moogly Blog CAL # 24 Block
Moogly Blog Christmas Stockings

Nicole's Favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe
50 Thanksgiving Recipes by State
Cookie Recipes - supposed to be good for cookie exchange
Chocolate Kiss Powder Puff Cookies
50 Fudge Recipes
Inside Out Buckeye Cookies
Simple Chocolate Fudge
Lemon Crinkle Cookies
Almond White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pecan Cookie Balls
Winter White Red Velvet Fudge
Dinner Rolls
Buckeye Brownie Cookies
Crochet Elephants

50 Reasons Homeschoolers like learning at home
70 Apps for Teachers or Students
15 Board Games to Help Person Grow
Cozy Reading Nooks

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