23 October 2014


One day this week, I heard a conservative talk show host say, "Why would you use a person who has stated that they do not want to make your cake for a Gay Wedding?" I really thought about this. There is a need. Why doesn't someone open places to create wedding flowers for Gay Weddings? Why doesn't someone open a bakery to make Gay Wedding Cakes? Why doesn't someone get licensed to perform weddings and open a chapel or a very nice area to hold Gay Weddings or Gay Wedding Receptions?

The reason I am thinking this way is because I agree. Why would you go to someone who has already stated that they do not want to do this service? I have food allergies and when I was looking for a place to make my wedding cake, I had to search for someone who would make me a wedding cake that did not have eggs in it. I went to many bakeries and found one in Newport, KY that would make me a cake. The cake was delicious and beautiful. It was worth every penny. I didn't once think of filing a law suit against any of the other bakeries because they discriminated against me for not wanting to make a cake without eggs. I just went looking for a place to make my cake.

I would think the same way if I was looking for a place that didn't want to make me something because I was getting married in a Christian church. I would just look for someone who didn't object. I would be worried that by forcing them to make a cake they didn't want to make it didn't live up to standards. That it was undercooked, overcooked or they put something in it that made it taste bad. As to the flowers they could be wilted or dying. The other thing I think is going to happen now, is that these places are going to raise their prices so that they can cover the costs from a lawsuit.

I might be wrong, but it just seems that there is a need. Why doesn't someone open a bakery, a florist, etc that caters to Gay Weddings. I think if they become the best, they will be able to service any and all and get more business than the places that are refusing to serve Gay Weddings.

Now, I want to add one other thing. I may be a Christian Conservative, that does not mean I judge anyone for the life styles. That is not my job. My job in this world is to love all and live and let live and let God judge. That is His job.

Edited to add: I saw recently, that there was a Lesbian business owner who has been defending the rights of the Christians to not take the work of Gays and Lesbians. She said, that one day, she doesn't want to be forced to take work from a bigot. Please note, I don't remember where I read this, and it is a paraphrase of the article. But it is a good point. No one should be forced to take work that they object to, but when they do refuse, there should be someone willing to open their doors and take that business and maybe one day out do the business that didn't want to do the work.

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