13 October 2014

Field Trips with the Girls

Last year, I started homeschooling/eschooling my girls. Best decision ever. Girls work hard at times and other times they don't want to work at all. But I am determined that one day a week we get out of the house and explore and see what we can remember from the lessons. So far we have gone to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden three times, once with OHVA, once with families from SOHO and once on our own. We have gone to Entertrainment Junction with OHVA (K12 in OH). We have even gone to SunWatch (in Dayton, OH).
Black Rhino running in it's enclosure. 

I just love cheetahs. 

Loved watching the giraffes. 

Gibbons on Gibbon Island. 

Painted Dogs. New to the zoo. 

In the Jefferson Memorial.

Krohn Conservatory. 

Vulture reminds me of the Jungle Book vulture. 

Asian Elephants. 

This is near us and we walk it frequently. 
Antelopes in their new enclosure. 

Sun Watch. Indoor and outdoor areas. 

Silverback Gorilla. 

Baby Giraffe about 6 months old. 

Barn Owl. 

Cactus room at Krohn Conservatory. 

Love these gibbons. 

Snow Leopards. 

Light filtering into the Fern Room at the Krohn Conservatory. 

So many places to go and so many things to do, but try to go when we can and where we can. I think the girls get more when we do enrichment trips. Things make more sense to them and they retain it better.

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