13 October 2014

Washington, DC

My bil got remarried to a really great woman. We are so lucky that she joined the family. So we went to Washington, DC for the wedding reception and we went a little early so we could wander around and do some site seeing. Go a few places we couldn't go to before.

We took the girls to Arlington National Cemetery for the first time. They really seemed to enjoy our time at cemetery. Previously, we had read about how the land for it was acquired and who had owned it prior to being a National Cemetery. So we made it a point of going all the way to the top of the hill and seeing the house of Robert E Lee.

We wandered all over the Cemetery. The girls got to go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They learned that the men and women who guard it, stand guard through all kinds of weather and that this duty is considered an honor. I learned that passing through a building like the one you need to pass through to enter the cemetery, military do not need to remove their covers. I love how the cemetery lays out the plots. The place is a very peaceful, quiet place to visit.

Friday, we had to do some school work and so we went to a Burger King to get on the internet and work. Then we went shopping, we needed some things for the reception that night and then we checked into our hotel room. We stayed at Hyatt House. It is a very nice hotel room. We stayed there for 2 nights. The night of the reception and the next night. We rested a little and then got ready for the reception. The next day we took two of our nieces and our three girls and went into DC and walked around and went to some different places. We went to Jefferson Memorial. We went to the Washington Memorial. When we were in DC the previous year it was still being repaired. It was nice for the girls to see it without scaffolding around it. We did not get down early enough to get tickets to be able to go inside. We walked over to the WWII Memorial. Such a peaceful place. There were a lot of people down in DC on Saturday, but we were able to find a place to park and we had a good time walking around. I found out from a friend of my bil, that living so close, many people do not go down to DC. they don't wonder around the monuments or go to the museums. My newest niece told me that my husband and I are exciting and she likes spending time with us. I can't wait to get back to Maryland and take my nieces and girls back into DC for more exploration. Maybe get an earlier start so we can see more.

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