19 October 2014

Goodbye, Uncle Harry

On Wednesday, 15 Oct 2014, my husband's uncle passed from this life and started a new life with Jesus. Harry was a great man. He had an infectious laugh and loved all the children who came into his life. The children, also, loved him. My last memory of Harry was him and my husband cooking food together for Labor Day. He challenged my middle daughter to a bowling competition on the wii and won. Harry, one time told his daughter that he left her child with some man that he thought was his son-in-law, the father of the children. She ran off to make sure that was correct. Just recently, he was at my bil's wedding reception and sat next to me for the meal. It was a very fancy table. A very crowded table and he was having trouble setting his glass down. I then told him where all the utensils were and helped him set the glass down. He passed away 1 day before his 49th wedding anniversary and 1 day before my husband's birthday. My husband has been very sad over the loss of his uncle and keeps saying he is okay and I know he will be okay, but I also know that he has been going through the steps of grief. I feel for my children as they miss their great-uncle. I feel for my husband and his family as they deal with this sudden loss

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