23 October 2014

Rotten Dog

This week has been a hard week for all of us. My husband's uncle was buried on Tuesday. In order to have Lily with someone while we were gone (for long periods of time), we took her to my parents house, just for the over night. All was going well. She was loving the extra attention, being called "Sophie" and all the extra food (she doesn't get food from tables at my house). The next morning, my parents were having work done by a cable guy and my dad was opening and closing a door and he was not as fast as my 8 year old Beagle, Red Heeler, Pointer mix. She got out! She ran and she ran and she ran! My poor (in their 70's) parents were trying to catch her. They threw treats out for her. They tried to lure her with their, really well behaved, Australian Shepherd. They even had the cable guy calling them when she came close to the house. She wanted no part of them. She ran and ran and ran. So my mother calls as we are trying to get together and get out of the house and says, "Your dog got out and she is running in the woods." I told her, "Call the dog warden, call the non-emergency police number, and ask your neighbors to come out and call to her." She is a hussey! She will go to anyone she doesn't know, just as long as it is not you, or us. When she gets loose on us, we call the dog warden. We ask neighbors to help us. We have even had someone park their car, get out and grab her. My mom, could not get the dog warden as the office did not open until 10 (and this was 8), she didn't want to call the police, I did. She also, finally asked a neighbor to help her and she was caught. My parents kept her closed up in a room so she could not get away again. They were very tired and my father said, "You feed her too much! She won't come for treats, you need to cut back on her food!" Silly, pops, she would just eat poop.

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