23 June 2014

Looking for a pattern

I spend a lot of time looking for patterns that I want to make or have yarn for. I just found out that there is a wedding in the future and I want to make some things and get some things finished, to give to the happy couple. I hope that they have a long and happy life together. I am also looking for something to make one of my daughter's who is getting older. She is needing a purse and kids use so many different things. I know that she would like anything made with the crocodile stitch. So forgive for all the links for things that I am going to make, but I will post some pictures, soon.

The Crochet Crowd Patterns good place to find the crocodile stitch.
Rainbow Dragon Bag from ABC Knitting Patterns
Rio Scarf very pretty
Princess Crocodile Stitch Afghan for babies
How To Crochet the Crocodile Stitch
Crocodile Stitch Crochet Afghan
Mermaid Purse
Crocodile Clutch Purse
Crocodile Stitch Christmas Tree
Police Line Scarf
Alaskan Winter Afghan
Jewels of the Desert
Blueberry Lemonade Afghan
Crocodile Stitch Flower
Flower Dish Cloth
Crochet Pansy Flower
2 Hour Tote

Also, if you are looking for something that is associated with a state, please go to: 50 States Knitting and Crochet Patterns, these are links to places. I found these patterns all over and I did not write the pattern, but I saved. There is one item that is not knitting or crochet, but I wanted to make it as a gift.

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