01 July 2014

Putting Yourself First

I attended an online session about Hashimoto's Disease. For those who don't know what it is, it is a thyroid disorder that is an autoimmune disorder. I learned some things. But the doctor made a comment that I find a bad comment. He said, "I put myself first."

I put myself first. I thought about that and I thought about all the kids I have encountered. I have seen a child talking to strangers about books he would like to get in a store. He was about 3 or 4. Where were his parents? I flagged down a store employee and got them to watch him and call for someone to come and get him. I am guessing the parents were putting themselves first.

I have seen a little boy about 3 years old. He was at the play ground by himself. He got mad at my daughter and threw a baseball at her head and connected! Now, just so we are clear, my daughter was 7 at the time and she was with her sisters. I could see them and was watching. Also, she was 7.

I have seen parents that are putting themselves first as they dump their kids at some place where there is another adult waiting to do something with kids. They dump and run. They don't even make sure the kids are being watched by an adult. They just dump and run. I used to see it, when I was a Girl Scout Leader.

Now, I do sign my girls up for VBS (Vacation Bible School). I go in with them and make sure they are with an adult (they are older and really don't need me, but I still feel that they are my responsibility). I watch the beginning of the VBS. When I am allowed to help somewhere, I willingly and lovingly help. I love being around the kids.

If both parents put themselves first. Where do the kids fit in? They are not first and they are not second. So they are last. Here I plan on working out, says one. The other says, so do I! Then they leave the kid alone. They drop them somewhere, because they are both first. I remember a boy I went to school with. His parents would leave him all the time. They gave him money to "go away." He just wanted to be with his parents.

When you have a child, that child needs to come first for awhile. At some point they all grow up and then they can take care of themselves. Our job is  to care for these wonderful beings entrusted to our care, teach them how to be good people who can care for themselves and raise their own wonderful beings. Then we can put ourselves first again.

Also, in a good relationship, you may want to put yourself first, but God should always be first in your relationship. He lead you to each other, you should stay with Him throughout it all. It is only when we put God First that all falls into place.

Would I like to be first and do what I need to do all the time? Sure, who wouldn't. But God First, Children and Relationship. I come in and take care, but only through my family does it work.

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