06 June 2014

D-Day 70 years later

Today, was a momentous day 70 years ago. The Allies attacked Germany in France. They attacked from the sea and the sky. What a momentous day! Thank you to all the men who participated and helped to turn the German tide and protect us all from Fascism. My favorite story from today was about a man who is 89 years old and escaped from his nursing home and showed up in France at the D-Day festivities. So wonderful.

I also want to tell about the recipe I posted a few days ago. It is a picture recipe for Peanut Butter Fudge. Yes, it was easy. Yes, it set up well. Yes, it turned out well. But it was so very sweet! I know that we may end up making it again as my daughter really liked it, but I think I really need to find my recipe for peanut butter fudge that uses marshmallow fluff. It wasn't that sweet. But my girls liked it and there wasn't any left.

I read a blog post about a woman who sets a goal of reading 52 books a year. I agree with her, yes, I do enjoy reading. I never thought it would become a very hard activity. I read everything my kids read. So I just finished reading a book called "High Time for Heroes." It is a good story, and a quick read, but I just wanted to finish reading "Operation Cowboy," a book about men in WWII who saved the Lipizzaner Stallions from the Russian troops. I am enjoying the story and I don't have much more to read, but I still need to read their books. I have to read many of the Rick Riordan books as the girls have read most of them by this time. They love his books. I am glad that they enjoy reading and I love that they are reading such large books without complaints. I have to read another book when my daughter finishes reading it (it is a book about sci-fi, not my favorite genre). I guess, it would be interesting to put down 52 books I really want to read, but I am doing an alphabet challenge, on my own. I am trying to read books with a number in them. I am also trying to read some more military books. I put a goal of 100 books to read in a year for Good Reads, I start at a 100 books for the year, but I usually change it to higher number when I reach that goal. Goals are good things. I don't write a list of books that I want to read and then work from there, as this changes depending on the reading my children participate in. I have also been collecting other books that I want to read. For instance, I have the books that linked to a state. That should be really interesting. I noted that I have about 4 books left on the alphabet challenge. The letter I, X, Y, Z. I think I will read, from my Kindle, the following books: "Zoned for Murder," "You Called 911 for What?," "The Xibalba Murders," and finally, "I Shall Not Want: A Psalm 23 Mystery #2."

I did find the books on another list I was interested in, but reading one and then reading synopsis on the others, just don't want to read them. I didn't really like the one I read and feel that the others are just more of the same. 

Here is a link to the other books that I want to read: USA Reading and 23 Books to read in High School. I will be starting on those after I finish some other books, first. 

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