02 May 2017


I like to make socks and my teens and my nephew like homemade socks. I always save links for socks and maybe I double or triple save them, but they are fun to make and they are wonderful to wear (or so I am told...I make them and they are on others feet). What do you enjoy making?

  1. Basic Striped Socks
  2. Socks for People Who Hate Socks -Really!
  3. Spring Meadow Socks
  4. Comfy Cozy Socks -LOVE!
  5. (Mostly) Ridge Rib Socks
  6. Pansy Path Socks -Printable!
  7. Marvelous Mock Cable Socks
  8. The First Socks I Ever Knit 
  9. Gorgeous Gingko Socks - need to use wayback machine....

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