27 May 2017

Cleaning off the Face Book Page

It has been awhile since I sat and cleared out my Facebook page, moving things I wanted to keep to my blog so I could find them later. It seems I haven't had much time to just sit and work on something, I have been making cakes to see which one my husband's brother might like for his birthday. (He liked cake A, not cake B which my husband and girls liked). So this weekend, the girls and I are making my brother-in-law his birthday cake for Monday. 

Friday night, we had a nice storm buzz through. Last Friday, when the storm buzzed through, it caused a neighbor's tree to come down. On Monday, some of my great neighbors removed the tree for the other neighbor. I do have good neighbors and I am grateful for them. 

The other problem that has been happening is that it is Contractor Season. They park across the street from my house and walk around the neighbourhood trying to sell. They ring my doorbell AND knock on my door. In one day, we had 5! I was irritated and not feeling well and my husband works third shift. I was so irritated that I wouldn't even talk with them. I also put a sign on my door not to ring the doorbell. 

Birds invaded the dryer vent and died inside. We removed three! Yuck! So we got a new cover that should stop the birds entirely. So hopefully, we will get that up today. 

I saw a pattern called Crochet Water balloons and decided I really wanted to make these as they are reusable, easy to "fill" (basically drop the completed water balloon in water and throw) and easy to clean up! I am going to make a few for my daughters and friends to play with. 

My daughters love to go to Kings Island and I try to take them as often as I can. We went one night after my husband had left for work (we will start going earlier now that the school kids on buses won't be there as much and more things will be open).

I also was reminded of a funny recipe called Cat Poop Cookies that a friend shared and my girls got to try them at an event at the Washington-Centerville Libary. They said they were really good. So I think I will make them for fun one day.

Reign Shawl
Dream Time Mosaic Baby Quilt
Sleepy Doll Amigurumi
3D Flowers
Afghan Cheat Sheet - a great cheat for making an afghan, it helps you know how many chains to make an afghan.
Rainbow Tunisian Crochet Afghan
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder - I love these. They are so easy to make and convenient for carrying multiple bottles (you know when you are at an amusement park holding everyone's stuff).
52 Knit Slouchy Beanies
Gorse Shawl has a link for a pdf it is very pretty.

Stages of a Reader - Kind of fun, cartoony thing.

Christmas Countdown - Love this. It is a fun way to keep track and also if you make things for some special people it helps you know how much longer you have.

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