04 May 2017

Fairy Tales and Myths

I remember reading 2 different books of fairy tales when I was younger (grade school) and they were in very old books that my grandmother had bought. I still own them and love them still. My girls have read them, too. With the Kindle, I have purchased other fairy books and many myth books. They are free and they are fun to read, still today. My girls love the myth books. What do you like to read?

As I went through my emails, I had two sets that dealt with knits/crochets that are labeled for Myth or Fairy Tales.


  1. Elven Poncho
  2. Mother of Dragons Gauntlets -GoT, Anyone?
  3. Witch's Favorite Wristlets
  4. Cozy Yeti Blanket -Editor's Pick!
  5. Mermaid Dreams Shawl
  6. Lucky Dragon Knit Blanket -NEW Printable!
  7. Heavenly Harpy Cardigan
  8. Basilisk Fingerless Gloves - my girls would love these. 
  9. Flora's Rose Slouchy Hat -NEW
  10. Father Frost Caps
  1. Leprechaun Sweater
  2. Darling Druid Shawl -Enchantingly Pretty!
  3. Will o' the Wisp Hat
  4. Centaur Cardigan -Reader Favorite!
  5. Singing Siren Stole
  6. Dragon Skin Wrap
  7. Cerberus Cowl -Simple & Fast!
  8. Baby Banshee Cardigan
  9. Phoenix Infinity Scarf
  10. Flying Griffin Shawl -Popular Printable!
  11. Fruits of the Forest Scarf
  12. Legalos Tunic -Editor's Pick!
  13. Enchanting Forest Baby Blanket
  14. Deep Woods Elven Cardigan
  15. Forest Floor Elven Cowl -Wow!
  16. Friend of the Forest Hood

Fairy Tales

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