21 May 2017

Kings Island

I recently took my girls to Kings Island for a few hours. We rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower Replica (1/3 the size of the real one in France) and enjoyed the view and the breeze. It was a hot day with lots of humidity. We then walked to the first ride they wanted to get on and tried to find a place to fill our drinks up at. This was where the problem started. They were few and far between and the lines were long (40 minutes long). The girls went and stood in line for a ride (1 1/2 hours) and I stood in line for the drinks. They were so thirsty when they got back to me that they drank their drinks very quickly, at which point I pointed out several things....1. 40 minutes to wait for refills, 2. the clouds were picking up and 3. if we stood in another 1 1/2 hour line for a ride we might be in the midst of a storm and not get to ride again. So we left and came home where we could get a drink (and many refills) while the storm lashed the house (the tree for our neighbor came down). I do enjoy the Eiffel Tower and love seeing the rides from the top of the tower. What is your favorite thing to do at Amusement Parks?

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