24 September 2016

Wow! September Almost Over!

I am still working on my WIPs and learning a new skill and my family and I are participating in our 1st ever 5K. It is at the Cincinnati Zoo and this will be the first time we have walked an official 5K. We have walked over 5K together in the past, but never on a team (my husband's coworkers formed a team) and it will be fun. The walk was for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I think the girls enjoyed the walk and we are going to find some others to go and enjoy in the future. I think this will be good for the whole family.

Yahoo is having issues. They have been hacked and I knew about the hack long before they sent a message about it. I had already changed my password and I have my account set to notify when there is an attempt to log in from somewhere other than my home.

Log Cabin Arrow Crochet Afghan
Chevron Afghan
Crochet Star Hexagon
Spicy Diamond Blanket
Star Blanket - is made for a baby, but can be increased to larger size for older child or an adult.
Arrow Stitch Afghan
Delicate Diamonds Throw

Market Hexagon Bag

Classic Crochet Christmas Stocking  from Red Heart
Golf Club Covers
Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments
Tiny Angel Wings Ornaments

Bunny Rabbit

Flying Pig Mittens
Circle Fingerless Mitts - these are different. They work from the thumb out.

Treat Baskets

Rock Candy Hat - This hat is so cute. It looks like something from Willy Wonka.
Hershey Kiss Hat - for newborns.
Cable Crush Hat - Very pretty.
Crochet Bear Hat for Toddlers
Happy Hearts Hat

Kitchen/Dishcloths/Hot Pads:
Rainy Day Wash Cloth
Flutter By Butterfly Dishcloth
Flowerburst Dishcloth
Warm Memories Tea Cozy
Tea Time Tea Cozy

Neon Infinity Scarf
Jefferson Scarf
3 2 1 Cowl
The Bev Cowl
Textured Cowl
Stormy Lace Cowl
All Grown Up Cowl from Moogly Blog
Fibonacci Scarf - Math in Knitting. Fibonacci is found in nature and was used to figure out how many rabbits someone would have over the years.
Siefenblasen Lace Scarf
Dewdrop Scarf
Hitchhiker's Scarf
Pink Cabled Cowl - my girls might like this.

Mezquita Shawl - very pretty and lacy.
Shetland Glory
Spring Elements Shawl

Rainbow Slippers for Toddlers

Ballerina Frog
Crochet Bird

I sometimes wonder what others like to knit or crochet. I know that I really enjoy The Crochet Crowd and their videos and tutorials and patterns. As for my WIPs, I have a lot of those and I am motivated to finish, so that I can make an afghan for myself. It will be big enough to share with my husband, but it will be for me. This will be a first. I very rarely make anything for me, but I want a blanket all of my own. The girls are already circling...The yarn for it is gorgeous and soft and lovely, It is from Bernat and is called Blanket yarn. I'll take a photo of it when it is finished, but for now, just working on WIPs.

*WIP - Works in Progress.

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