14 September 2016

Dancing with the Stars and a New Skill

Monday came and went. It was a fun day. Accomplished a bit, and came home to rest. Over the Labor Day Weekend, my husband and I took the girls and went to see his Great Aunt. A really sweet little lady. I love going to visit her. She always offers the girls food (which they refuse, mostly because we fed them just before arriving at the home) and she wants us all to sit and visit for awhile. It is so stifling hot in her room. We took our dog with us on the visit so that we could take our time and enjoy the trip. The dog likes this trip, too. She is so funny about this ride. She knows when we are making it and settles down quickly for the ride. But she looks out the window. Another thing I noticed about her, is that when she is around people who move without chairs or walkers, she is all over them, but when she gets around the people in chairs, she goes up, sits next to them and lifts her head. She is calm!

I also bought a "cake" (skein) of the new yarn from Caron called Caron Cakes. My husband picked out a color he liked and I am currently learning how to make a scarf using Entrelac. I have mentioned in the past, that this is something I wanted to learn to do and I am currently doing that. I may need to buy more yarn to make the scarf long enough (it has to be at least 6 ft or longer to be a good scarf) and the yarn is on sale (woohoo) at Michael's Arts and Crafts. That means I am allowed to buy some yarn (temporary break on cold sheeping) and stock up on these gorgeous, fun colors and they are perfect for the scarf. I am using the pattern from Freckles and Purls, Allison LiCicero, it is free on Craftsy. I also found a pattern for Fingerless Mitts fromJulie's Patterns that I may try after I finish making about a half dozen scarves (for people who truly matter to me). If you need a little help with the Scarf Pattern as you go, I found a great YouTube video from Very Pink Knits that will help you if you need a little help.

I am also still getting quite a few emails with pattern links and I really need to go through them and clear them out, keeping only those that interest me, what I have been doing. If there is something that interests you, ask, if I see it, I wouldn't mind sharing here. The patterns are fun to look at and dream. I wish I had more time (not to learn) but to work on things. I want to be able to sit and just work on the WIPs and get them moved on to their new homes, but all I can do is work a little at a time and enjoy the time I get.

Sunday, my youngest and I are going to work on her costume for Halloween. It involves some sewing and should be interesting to make. We will experiment and see what ends up working. We also need to make a "pad"/pillow for the bottom of the cat kennel. That should be fun and interesting. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. We have been learning to sew, with a sewing machine. I never took Home Ec and I didn't have anyone to help me learn this skill, so I just have had to learn on my own with the owners manual and make a mistake, learn from it and move on lessons. It is working and who knows we may all become really good at sewing this way.

I need to take my middle to the thrift shops so we can find the pieces she needs for her costume and then my oldest and I need to figure out how we are going to do her costume. Each kid enjoys having me just to themselves. Learning things and just having fun. Again, need more time in a day to just be alone with each kid.

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