24 September 2016

Agenda 21: Into the Shadows

I recently finished a book by Glenn Beck (written in partnership with another). This is part 2 and I feel like there is a part 3 to be written or being written. This is based on a law that the UN wants passed here and in all countries. It is a work of fiction, but is something that could happen to us and all peoples of the world.

In "Agenda 21", the first book, we meet the characters that are going to go into book 2. We see them living horrible lives in villages and eating food cubes that are just enough while Authorities are not living the same lives.

The second book continues the story and I am trying very hard not to ruin the first book and still try to let you know this book is a great read and a page turner. I enjoyed it and recommend it and the first book for all to read.

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