03 June 2016

"The Postman Always Purls Twice"

This book is by Anne Canadeo. It is a cozy knitting mystery. Her main characters are part of the Black Sheep Knitting Group. They meet at the shop of Maggie or the homes of the other members. I really thought this title was misleading. I was expecting a Postman involved in the story and Maggie came across as more prickly than she had in other books with the same group. I did enjoy the story and wanted to read the book as often as I was able to read it.

In this story, Maggie's shop is being used by a Hollywood movie group. From the moment they set up, accidents start to happen to the Power Couple (Jennifer and Nick) and their friend (Heath). This leads to one fatality. Maggie finds it hard to believe that someone as nice as Jennifer could be involved in all this, but it is with the help of her friends that they find the truth.

If you enjoy knitting and cozy mysteries, it is a good read. Enjoy.

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