04 June 2016

"The Chocolate Moose Motive"

by JoAnna Carl

I found this group of books because I choose books by Title, Author, Book Art or just because it is in the grouping of genre that I enjoy. Basically, I found this one because the title of another by this author caught my eye, I enjoyed it and this put the author on my to read list. Since getting all the books by her is difficult, I am reading them out of order. (As teachers taught my girls, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.")

In this story, Lee is in a store when she hears a man treating his daughter-in-law horribly. She wants to help the lady and puts herself in the way of the fight. Later in the parking lot, she and the lady crash and this causes Lee to want to know more about her. In the process, she hires her for a part time job and then because of the behavior of many, including the sheriff, she inserts herself into who broke into the home of her employee and her family. This leads to who killed her employee's husband.

Great read. I started on one night and finished the next morning. Fast read and enjoyable.

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