16 June 2016

"All the Light We Cannot See"

by Anthony Doerr

Found this book on a table at the library. I picked it up and began reading. It is historical Fiction set during WWII (now for history buffs, or WWII enthusiasts, this is more than enough information to get you to pick it up). It is set in Germany and France, following, primarily, 2 children as they grow up during WWII and their respective roles in the conflict.

We follow Marie-Laure, a young blind girl from Paris, France to her uncle's place in Saint-Malo and Werner, a young orphan, from the orphanage to school, to fighting in Saint-Malo.

Marie is taken by her father to their uncle, Etienne, in Saint-Malo. But her father is called back to Paris and is then taken to a German Prison Camp. Letters come from the camp for her, but they appear to be propaganda.

Werner is found to be very smart and is given extra "lessons" and is then sent to war while he is still 16, being told that he had lied and is actually 18. It seems that he understands best how to find hidden radios and is put on team with a school friend who has been put in charge of the unit. They go place to place finding the secret radios.

Finally, Werner and the team are sent into Saint Malo to find a hidden radio, but Werner does not give them up...this is the voice of the man who broadcasted when he was much younger and he and his sister, Jutta, listened to the programs. He finds them on his own, but finds, Marie. He follows her and watches her, but she is being watched by another.

Very good story showing how people, no matter how far apart, are connected to each other. Very good information on the history of WWII in Germany and France.

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