08 June 2016

"The Chocolate Falcon Fraud"

by JoAnna Carl

The town is gearing up for the film festival that will feature "The Maltese Falcon" and many others. But suddenly Lee's ex-step-son has shown up and his girlfriend has shown up also. They are searching for something special to win a prize from someone at the museum where they both are volunteers. But her ex-step-son is missing and when they find him, things just keep happening from the book/film.

But why is all this happening. Why did the captain of La Paloma come to their house and die on their doorstep and what did he bring with him? Lee's ex-step-son and his girlfriend are mixed up in it and they won't tell the truth, until finally something else happens.

Good read and very quick read. Cozy read and has some fun chocolate trivia in it.

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