01 May 2016

May and Flying Pig and Socks

OMG! May 1st, it is here! My oldest will be 14. My sister-in-law, aunt and many others are having birthdays. My sister and her husband will have an anniversary and my nephew will be leaving for 3 years to teach English. To that end, he requested that I make him socks. A simple request and one that intend to get finished with before he leaves. The best part is that they are small and portable. The bad thing, I can't knit when I am driving and I can't knit socks when my husband is driving...I guess I will knit in all the in between places. He needs to have a pair of socks to take with him. I will make him another pair and send them to him, but I need at least one pair for him before he leaves. My emails are filling up again. I just need to find time to sit and got through them and reduce. I was doing okay, but there is so little time with everything else that I do. It may not seem like a lot to many, but it can get overwhelming at times. But I just want to make time to do a little every day.

Today, my girls, husband and I worked a water stop at the Flying Pig Marathon. They had a good time and the new shoes helped my ankles a little, but they are still not stable and I did get hurt at one point. I ended up resting the ankles for a bit and then got up and worked a little more. The day started wet and dreary, but got better as it progressed. The sun came out and the day warmed up. It was fun, fun cheering the runners, telling them they only had 4 more miles to go. This is not the 1st marathon we have worked, it is actually our 5th! Our 3rd time at the Pig. We have helped at a few others, when my brother-in-law called for extra bodies to come out and help. We do enjoy the time at the runs and we do enjoy cheering for others to achieve their goals. I really hope that the one couple who were running their 1st ever marathon (without training) made it all the way and that they are actually okay. I know that the husband was having trouble, but his wife was with him and they were doing this together, good job.

We have so much planned for the month. We will be celebrating the girls birthday by going to the Hershey Amusement Park and Zoo America! The girls are so excited about this trip.

We will be finishing up our school year and since we went with traditional homeschooling, we will have to do some testing at the end of the month.

Traditional Cable Knit Afghan
Cinnamon Twist Afghan
Lizard Ridge Afghan - I like the name and the pictures are really intriguing.
Marshmallow Fluff Afghan

100 Books to Change Life and/or Thinking

District 12 Cowl Wrap - Reference would be to the book "The Hunger Games."

Cross Stitch:
Dated Angel Ornament

Crochet Brioche Hat
Quick Kids Hat
Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat for child
Driggs Avenue Hattitude

Just for Fun:
Flower in a Pot
Irish Rose
Mr and Mrs Snowman
Crochet Frosty the Snowman
Crochet Orchid

Tea Cozy Links
20 Cat Patterns

How to Make Classic French Macarons

Basic Cable Scarf
Bluebird Scarf

So Simple Shawl
Simple Lace Shawl
Amazing Mitred Shawl - this is one that I want to make, as it has a skill that I want to master in it.

Twisted Socks this is from the blog by Chicken Stitches. She is a very talented knitter/crocheter. Love looking at what she is making and her patterns are so well written.

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