05 May 2016

How I Choose Books

I was looking at books that I have read and I realized I have an unusual way of choosing a book to read. I was looking at the books by Donna Andrews. The first book I borrowed written by her was "Crouching Buzzard Leaping Loons." It was fun and enjoyable and the cover art was goofy. It was a cozy mystery. So, yes, I chose the book on the title alone and the art work on the cover! After I read this book, I borrowed the rest of the books by her and read them all! Loved the stories. I am waiting for the next book to come out.

Another set of books I picked up just for the title alone was "The Gunn Zoo Mysteries." These were written by Betty Webb. I picked up the book because of the title, "The Koala of Death." I am sorry, it made me laugh. Loved the story and read the whole series, too. Great reads. There are some things that I know other zoos do not do because it is considered dangerous. But it was a fun read. It is another series of books that I recommend.

I also borrowed a book by Dorothy Cannell, called, "How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams." It was another title that just made me laugh. It raised eyebrows when I borrowed and I pointed out that it was just funny. The librarians told me the names of some other books with funny titles. One suggested by "She Needed Killing" by Bill Fitts.

I was talking with my girls about how much fun walking the stacks of a library can be. You can find a book and find something wonderful, just by looking at the book. If you want to find a book for me, it can be one of my favorite authors (and even Agatha Christie comes into that list). It can have a fun or funny picture. Or how I have picked up books, a funny, laugh out loud title!

I have discovered Camille Minichino because of the titles of her book, starting with "The Helium Murder." I have read one of her other books, "The Oxygen Murder." I really want to read the rest of her books in this grouping.

I found "Book Clubbed" by Lorna Barrett and loved the story. Now I am working my way through her series, too.

I spend a lot of time at the library. I take my children to book clubs (for their age groups) and I take them to events (for their age group) and I get to spend a lot of time walking through the books and finding fun books. In fact, I found Joanna Carl and her Chocolate series. I am loving "The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up." I think I will be reading as many of her books as I can.

Another fun group of stories comes from Peggy Webb. The first book I read from her was "Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse." I have read a couple of her others books and got one for my Kindle (for free) from Amazon. They are fun stories and Elvis is a dog who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

So how do you choose books? What books do you recommend?

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