03 May 2016

"Rule of Three" Trilogy

"Rule of Three" by Eric Walters, was an assigned book in the book club my daughters participate in. They attend a Teen Book Club at one of our local libraries and the librarian who runs the program assigns different books each month to the teens and they read and discuss the books. 

I try very hard to read the books my girls are reading and once and awhile I find a book that really starts me thinking. This was one of those books. I really enjoyed the story and enjoyed the book. Basically, while everyone is going about their daily lives, suddenly everything that runs by computer (and in today's world what isn't) stops working. Nothing works, runs or can be used if it had a computer for a brain. But one young man has a very old car is able to help his friends get home and they learn that a neighbor has been preparing for this eventuality. He helps his community to become able to survive. They build walls and form patrols and bring in people who can help with different tasks to keep the community alive. 

Recently, I learned that Eric Walters had written two more books as a follow up to the first. I devoured the 2nd and 3rd books of this series. They are "Fight for Power" and "Will to Survive." I highly recommend these books to everyone. Very thought provoking and powerful stories. 

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