20 August 2015


I like to cook and bake, mostly bake. My youngest likes to cook and bake, mostly bake, also. So when I see a recipe that my family might like or that I would like to try and make or that would be fun for next year's library bake off (which all three of my girls love to do), I am saving. FB is not optimal for saving on the long term, but good for temporary and then I just move them over to here. It is a little easier, but I also know that I will be able to find them again. Enjoy.

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes - love pumpkin in this house and the idea of cupcakes instead of whole pie, is great!
Texas Sheet Cake Bites - I have never had a TX sheet cake, so this might be interesting.
Pumpkin Lasagna - more pumpkin...going into fall, pumpkin will be easily available.
Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies
Starbucks Double Fudge Brownies

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