20 August 2015


I was looking over FB, just cruising and reading. I stumbled upon a friend's request for help to find a certain pattern for crochet unicorns. I started searching and found many patterns. So in order to save them for later finding (more for me to make my girls) I am going to save them here. If this helps another all the better. Enjoy!

Reuben the Pink Fluffy Unicorn
'Lil Baby Unicorn
Crochet Unicorn Pattern
Abnormal Unicorn
Unicorn - Amigurumi
Enchanting Unicorn
Charley the Unicorn - free Ravelry upload
Little Fluffy Unicorn - like one seen in Despicable Me
Tiny Unicorn
Rainbow Love Unicorn
Rainbow Crochet Unicorn - my favorite one so far
Annabelle the Unicorn - free Ravelry upload
Hermione the Unicorn
Another Amigurumi Unicorn - tip, if you want to make the toy bigger, just use a bigger hook.
Rainbow Donkey Unicorn - yep, it looks like a unicorn but the owner of this pattern calls it a donkey.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (1)
Another My Little Pony  - Rarity, has a horn
Another Little Pony - Friendship is Magic (2)
Emmie Einhorn - ravelry upload, in English and Dutch
Horse Purse Pattern

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