09 July 2014

Suicide Bugs

I was taking the girls to the library, Monday night. It was stormy and very wet. Coming home, we saw some really beautiful clouds and sunsets.

Taking the girls the next night, we ran into suicide bugs. We could see them flying straight at the car and hear them splat against the windscreen. Girls were laughing because I was telling the bugs to get out of the way and to move to the side. They kept coming. Then I started telling the bugs that tomorrow will be a better day! Don't give up! Move to the side of the road. Get back over the grass.

Then the birds were flying around trying to catch the bugs. It was a good night. The sun shone through the clouds and it was warm but not miserable.

For those who wonder what programs were happening at the library....Monday was a game night for 3-5 graders. It was Character Bingo and the girls had a lot of fun and made friends.

Tuesday was Teen night. They meet and play Bingo or some other activity. Hannah won a $5 gift card to a 2nd hand bookstore in Kettering. Need to find it and take her there so she can buy herself a book.

Tonight is VBS, at Northside Baptist Church. Tomorrow is another Teen activity. They are having a book club. What fun things they have.

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