14 December 2013

Poor Customer Service

Recently, my husband and I took our daughters to Bass Pro Shops to see their Santa. The reason I like their Santa, is that he looks real (very important) and he is always out and waiting for the children. I can carry my own camera and take my own picture (that I can use on my FB page or in my blog or to make cards....when I go early enough).

But I am kind of behind on my cards and I didn't have time to get photos printed, so when I saw their deal for some "greeting photo cards" for $20, I thought that would work. I could send some of the family this photo. Little did I know, this "package" comes without envelopes! When I questioned this, the guys working that stand are, we never give envelopes. They go to get a "supervisor," who tells me to deal with it!

I can guarantee, I will not travel to their store again! I will not purchase anything from them! I will advise anyone to not buy their "photo with Santa packages."

For the record, when speaking with the "supervisor," I pointed out to him that this is a social world. That I would be posting this problem. His reaction was, "So what!"

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