18 December 2013

Ohio Senate Bill 248

Yesterday, I was made aware that there is a horrendous bill in the Senate, proposed by Senator Capri Cafaro. This bill suggests that homeschooling or e-schooling parents need to be investigated by Social Services before they can homeschool or e-school their children.

This is an invasion of privacy and decency. I am attaching links to various things that I feel any homeschooling or e-schooling parent should read. Please, please read these and take action!

The first that you should see is the bill itself:
OH SB 248
You can read for yourself the language that states we need to be investigated.

The second is a petition:
Petition to OH Senate Please sign and share.

The Why this came about:
teddyslaw.org I get that the father and grandfather are heartbroken at the loss of their son/grandson, but this law is not going to protect children already being abused, it is going to swamp an already overloaded system that is failing the children they are supposed to protect. This child was already known in the system. His mother and her boyfriend had been reported. Police had been called, yet this child was still in the home with them.

Blog about the HSLDA being worst law ever
Blog treating homeschooling parents like felony child abusers

How to contact your senator:
Ohio Senators and their Regions
Please call, write and email them.

Edited on Saturday, December 21, 2013

Senator Cafaro sent a letter to the Senate President and requested that the bill be pulled for now. Meaning this can come back at some point, but will not be looked at now. Please keep watching and be prepared to begin the fight against this bill again.

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