10 December 2013

A School Work Assignment

My oldest has to write a descriptive essay about her home town. In order to help her understand the project, I felt that I would write a descriptive essay on my hometown, which is Lebanon, OH (same as hers).

My husband and I moved our family to Lebanon, OH 9 years ago. We moved to be closer to his job and so we could see more of him. We chose Lebanon because it has a very small town feel to it. It has a downtown area, that has stayed true to the area. It was founded by settlers in the 1700's. We have 2 cemeteries. The first is called Pioneer Cemetery. The people buried in this cemetery are the Pioneers who founded Lebanon, OH and started building the different buildings. The 2nd cemetery is newer and is still in use today. My girls and I often drive through the cemetery looking at the stones and we have walked through the Pioneer Cemetery looking at all the ages on the stones. It is well maintained.

We have a library that is from the 1900's, it turned 108, on January 2nd. It was one that has grown over the years. It has a little park to the side where you can sit and have a lunch. Sit and read a book or just people watch. Our library has books mostly. It just recently started (since we have moved here) getting books on playaways (mp3s) or CDs. They do not lend movies or music. I take the girls to the library about weekly. It is a good place to spend some time looking at the books and finding something good to read.

We also have The Golden Lamb Inn and Restaurant. It was built in 1803 and is listed as the oldest hotel in Ohio. Many presidents and VIPs have been known to stay at the Golden Lamb over it's many years of existence. It is a gorgeous building, full of history. You can visit the upper floors looking in rooms (that are open only). Some of the rooms are filled with tourists who are visiting and wanting to stay in the hotel. Beside the Golden Lamb is a little park with a Gazebo and bricks that tell stories. My favorite are the bricks asking someone to marry another.

Across the street from the library is Christmas Tree Park. It has a fountain, turned off in winter, but with lights to make it festive and a live Christmas tree, decorated at Christmas time with decorations created by the local school 4th graders. The mayor of our fair town is also the 3rd and 4th grade art teacher, Amy Brewer (she is a gem).

Lebanon has many businesses along the main thoroughfare. You can get ice cream from the Village Ice Cream Parlor. You can get frozen custard from Whit's Frozen Custard (closes are the Horse and Carriage Parade for the season). Lebanon hosts many festivals, and has the most popular, "Annual Horse and Carriage Parade" for Christmas. Horses decked out in Christmas finery pulling carriages with people dressed in costumes or Christmas finery. It is a lot of fun every year.

Next to the subdivision my family and I live in, is a park called Miller Ecological Park. A great place to walk or run or even take your dog for a walk or run. No motor vehicles allowed in the park. There is parking, but that is where the vehicles are to stop. They have put some areas in that can be exercise areas and some areas where kids can explore and play.

If you ever have a moment to stop in, come around my home town. It is a great place to spend the day.

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