26 December 2013

Merry Christmas

It is officially the day after Christmas, but Christmas goes until January and I will continue to celebrate it that way. We are so blessed. We had a great day with the family on Christmas here at the house, but so many leftovers and it will be a long time before we will be finished. It will be good because there will be plenty to eat for awhile.

My husband and daughters gave me (not yarn), but chocolate and a pot that can heat water and keep it warm for awhile. Love it. We used it a lot on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. My sil and nephew gave my husband and I a Keurig. This is very kind and thoughtful of them. We had asked for a smaller, simpler version called a Hamilton, but she got this one for us. I have already made the tea and a cup of coffee with it. I need to go to a store and get a refillable so we can use our own coffee.

The reason we needed something new, is that my coffee maker (that I used to make hot water with more often than not) decided to die. It would filter, but the water was not getting hot. We had had it for a long time. We like coffee once in awhile, but don't drink enough to make a whole pot. We have different tastes to coffee and so he would make too strong and I would make too weak. But I love these gifts as they are very useful.

I am weird. I like useful gifts. Gifts that I will use, not just look at, but that will be used constantly. My husband got presents that he wanted as well as presents the girls wanted to give him. He also had his family at his house for a day. I got what I wanted....I didn't have to make a ton of food and transport it to and from others houses.

Hope that you all received what you wanted.

Did I mention that my children are wonderful? My girls didn't get a ton of gifts, again. They get a few well chosen gifts and they love that. They have played with their gifts all day. That is good. The rest of their presents are going to be here and there over the next couple of weeks...clothes.

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