01 September 2013

More FO's

So on Monday, I get a text message from one of my middle daughter's friend's mother. She wants to invite DD2 to a birthday party for her daughter and she doesn't have our address. So I give her the address and Esther starts saying what she wants me to make for her friend for her friend's birthday present.

Now this is a daunting task, as we also started E-schooling (or homeschooling). The first week has been very hard adjustment for all of us. We have learned some things and we are adjusting to the changes. We did go on 2 field trips and did a lot of hours of schooling.

So we bought some yarn to make a frilly scarf for DD2's friend.
It is a really simple scarf. You just buy the yarn and separate it and knit in the top loops. But it is a very frustrating knit. But I love my daughter and love this young lady, so I made it for her. My daughter chose the colors, because her friend likes blue.
Then, I made several scrunchies for DD2's friend. Some in blue, some in black light (color of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn), and Day Glo (another color from Red Heart). The colors are fun and I bought them for use for my girls, but hey, she is one of mine, too.
2 in blue  2 in Black Light

 3 in Day Glo (looks like Sherbert to me).
To make a scrunchie: take a rubber band meant for holding hair and sc all the way around and make it tight! Join and then put 3 dcs in each sc. Do an invisible join. You have a gorgeous scruchie!
Then, I made her the Winter Slouch, using the Black Light and Turquoise. They matched perfectly. I started making hats with this pattern last year. A friend (from high school) contacted me and asked if I would make this hat for a friend of hers, going through chemo. Of course, I said, "yes." She gave me the yarn and I made the hat. Her friend loved it (I had enough that I was able to make 2) and some fingerless mitts. I love this pattern. It is so very simple and easy to make. It only needs about 5 -8 hours depending on what you are doing.
 This is a top view of the hat.
 This is DD3 modeling the hat for me. Front view.

 Side view.
I think I will be making several more of these to give as gifts this year.
Abbreviations: sc - single crochet, dc - double crochet.

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