16 September 2013

My latest project

It is called a stash buster scarf. Basically, you go through your stash and you can use small bits and pieces. You need at least 3 skeins of different yarn (but can go more depending on how much you have of each kind of yarn and how long you want to make this scarf). At this point it looks like mine will be 4 skeins minimum as one was very small. You cast on however many stitches you want to make the scarf (I cast on 12 for this one, but I may try something different on another one). You knit across with 1st skein color. Add in the 2nd skein and knit across. Add in the 3rd skein and knit across. At this point you know have all three skeins in use. You switch colors according to which side you are on and what you last used.

Here are some other things that the girls and I will be making this year as we go, to give as gifts for Christmas:

I also want the kids to make:
I think the families would enjoy that.

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