06 September 2013

Goodbye, Keith Morgan, God Bless You

Over a week ago, my friend's father fell. Due to the fact that he was taking a blood thinning medication, when he fell and hit his head, he started bleeding in his brain. He had emergency surgery and they gave him medicine to help him clot, but this caused him some other problems. He started clotting and had a stroke. Then to clear up the stroke, there was another bleed in his brain. He began to slide down hill and didn't recognize his family and the doctors gave his wife and daughters the bad news that he was not going to better, just worse until he passed. They put him into Hospice on Wednesday and he made it through his son's birthday (on Thursday) and today at about 2 p.m. he left this world to go to be with God and his mother and father.

When I met him, I was in college. His daughter (youngest) and I were working a dig site together and to get there and back we would car pool. It was a very long drive daily and we were both poor, working college students. We are the same age, roughly and we got along well. As our friendship grew, so did my love and respect for her parents.

Her dad was working somewhere, as a scientist (I think), don't hold me to it. I just remember him being so very smart. He also took wedding portraits for his own business. He was on the volunteer fire department for Cold Spring. He had a great smile that touched his eyes and lit up his face.

He loved his family and you could tell it. Just to look at them and you knew they knew they were loved. He cared very deeply for his friends, also. Over one winter, my friend, her sister, another friend and I would have girl's night. We would cook meals together and have some wine and play games and talk or craft and watch Stargate. We loved (and still do love) watching Stargate together. When he and his wife returned from their winter hideout (AZ), we continued and included her parents. We had so much fun. At some point, during that winter, I discovered the Lutheran church and went to church with them. My parents were so angry that they cut me out of a lot of their lives. How dare I leave the Catholic Church and turn my back on all they had taught me. Keith and Angela, loved me and I called them Mom and Dad. When I got married, Keith took the "engagement" photos (we did it a little backwards...we eloped, did engagement photos and then the full life sized wedding). He took our wedding photos and when we had children, they called him grandpa. They loved him like a grandpa and he loved them.

He will always be a part of my life and I will miss him.

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