08 September 2013

Leising is My Maiden Name

I was looking on Facebook and I found this information. I thought it was interesting, but since my German is poor, I used a translator online and this is what was translated.

It is still pretty cool, even if it is hard to read.

Leising is a part of the town Beilngries in the upper Bavarian district of eichstã¤tt.
The location
is located in the southeast of the Gemeindesitzes Beilngries in the altmã¼hl Valley on the main road from 2230.
Leising was found a tomb of the Hallstatt period.
1180 WILL BE "Luzigin" (= Sippensiedlung the Luzo) (also: "Leuzigin") first mentioned in a document, as Gozwin Grogling and Burkhard of the Cistercian abbey of Berchtesgaden be donated goods. In order to 1183, inaugurated the Eichstatter Bishop Otto a church in "Luzingen".  In addition to the bishop were - in the later Middle Ages - the Landgrave of Leuchtenberg with two Fischgutern and up to the middle of the 15. Century the monastery Kastl Claudius.) Here, while the Berchtesgaden possession by this time no longer shines. And after came after all property in the possession of the bishop. At the end of the 18th century. Century, the place seven households, all of which the taxable goods) belonging Hirschberg. The place was a member of the Ehehaft Irfersdorf.
In the course of the secularization in 1802 came the lower prince-bishopric, Leising in Kastenamt Beilngries belonged to the Grand Duke, to Archduke Ferdinand III of Tuscany and to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1806. Until then, have been a municipality together with Pfenninghof Kottingworth, Kottingworther mill in 1809, to a Steuerdistrikt Pfenninghof Leising and, from 1811 onwards to a Ruralgemeinde joined together. In 1810 belonged to this Community with the capital Oberdonaukreis eichstã¤tt and Regenkreis and the capital from 1817 to Regensburg. From 1838 the District Beilngries was part of the circle and with him Leising Ansbach Middle Franconia with the capital.

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