30 May 2013

2013 Field Trips

The end of the school year is upon us and I went on 3 field trips with my girls and their classes. It was fun. I love going places and learning about new places or learning something new. I went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden with the 2nd Graders (my youngest and her class). They had to fill up a paper with information on Endangered Species. We also looked for babies, because it was zoo baby time at the zoo and the girls (I had a group of girls to take around), wanted to see babies.
Endangered....Indian Rhino

Endangered Bongo

Baby (in egg)





Gladys (Mountain Gorilla) baby with foster

Tiger - Endangered
Then on Thursday, I went with the 3rd Graders (my middle daughter) to the Heritage Village Museum at Sharon Woods. Can I say one word? Wow! It was beautiful. The houses were so very interesting and the stories behind them were good also. The kids learned so much.

Aren't the buildings beautiful? I loved seeing them and getting a chance to go through them.

The next Thursday, I went with the 4th graders (my oldest) to Carillon Park in Dayton, OH. This was another Wow place. It also had buildings moved there or recreated there to show Dayton History. It was started by a CEO of NCR (National Cash Register). It was very interesting and we just didn't have time to see it all. I know that I will be getting a pass to the place so that I can take all my girls there and so we can spend more time exploring!


Have some fun exploring Ohio History! or Have fun exploring the zoo!

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