27 May 2013

Unexpected Hot Air Balloon Landing in Local Lebanon Neighborhood

Yes, today, I am starting with a Headline! Saturday night a hot air balloon went over my house, very close to my house. I could hear the voices of the people in the balloon. We went out and were taking some photos.
There were 5 balloons overhead. They had just taken off and were still kind of low, but going well or so we thought. Then we saw a chase truck come into the neighborhood. Our houses are too close together and too many trees for a safe balloon landing area (unless it is an emergency). (Edited to add: News today said, even close together is okay)

This balloon was having trouble. They would try to get a flame to heat the air, but it wouldn't sustain a flame. The chasers were running all over the place trying to find some place for the balloon to set down.
Finally, they have no choice, the balloon is coming down. They decide they are headed for the street. They were getting lower and as they got over a house on Grandstone. They threw out a line and started yelling, "Pull!"
They were safely pulled down into the street and the house and trees were missed.
They were safely in the street and were able to start taking the balloon down.

They pulled it away from more trees and mail boxes and started the process of getting all the air out.
It was a successful landing and no one was injured. I went to church on Sunday and was talking with another friend and neighbor and found out that this was the 2nd time that this had happened. The previous unexpected landing, was in front of her house.

Grateful that this was a successful landing: No one injured and no damage to anything.

Edited 5-28-13: Changed crash to landing and unexpected.

Here are links showing what is being said. WLWT (channel 5 Cincinnati) Tuesday the 28th.

WHIOTV (Dayton Channel 7) On Sunday (the day after it happened).

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