23 February 2013

What Have I Been Making....

I noticed that since the death of my mil, I have not been as creative or making as much. But my kids have been begging for me to make things again. So I got back to work (slowly). I made them Homemade Yeast Donuts. They are quick, easy and fun. The girls love them. My mom used to make these for us when were little. My girls love them, too. So we started there. Then we moved on to, Homemade Brownies. My whole family loves these. I keep these recipes handy so that I can keep making them when they are needed. I took the girls to the Reptile Show again. I held more snakes, they held more snakes and my middle, touched a reticulated python! These two are the ones that want a snake! They are holding a 4 year old corn snake and loving every minute of it! My daughter's School counselor is a friend from church and this will be our last year with her. (Our children change schools every 2 years and we get new people at that time) So I wanted to give her something special. So I made her a hat (a very colorful hat), called a Winter Slouch and she saw my fingerless mitts and said she would love to have some of those in the same color, so I made her them using the pattern from Vickie Howell Wristful Thinking. She loved them so much she takes them back and forth to her home and school. So I made her some more in her favorite color....blue. The pattern is simple. Since I didn't use someone's pattern, I made this up as I went. Fingerless Mitts...Cast on 36, knit2, purl2 all the way across all rows until it measures 8 inches. Bind off and then sew up the sides. You would sew from the top to the thumb 3 inches, leave 1 inch opening, sew 4 inches from bottom up, again 1 inch opening for thumb. Enjoy! Please do not sell this pattern, give credit. If you sell the item, just make a one time donation to a food pantry. I thought she could not have a hat and a mitts, but not a scarf and I had enough to make this skinny scarf. Univeral Scarf, from Knitting Daily is simple and quick! I finished another frilly scarf! I only need to make one more and I will never make them again! Never, never, never! I really do not like this yarn for making scarves. I think I might try it for something else (as an addition to, but not for the whole item), but I won't make these scarves any more! I am presently working on a prayer shawl for church (Resurrection Lutheran Church), a blanket for a Bible Study (I have to catch up), a frilly scarf for my youngest (the last one ever), afghans, I am going to start another sock attempt (still have to get past the heel), and a scarf for my mother. This is a cable scarf called an Irish Hiking Scarf. For my youngest, Granny Slippers. She requested them. I need to get back to work! What are you working on?

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