11 February 2013

Old Car New Car Gray Car Blue Car

I am feeling a bit Seussish.
My husband was in a car accident on the day of his mom's layout. It totalled his truck. It was Gray. We went to Lebanon Ford and worked with my friend (from church) Andy Buck. He helped us get a good deal on a Ford Explorer, for me to drive the family in.
As you can see it is a blue car. So we have rid ourselves of an old car and now have a new car. It was a gray truck (car) and now it is a blue truck (car). The big thing: I can load the family and I can use it for shopping. I do enjoy my new car (truck).


  1. Trucks are very ideal for a family car. It's very practical if you intend to make it your everyday car, especially if you have a big family. Your new car looks great! However, I feel sorry for your husband's car accident. Let's just be thankful that it didn't cause him serious injuries. By the way, were you able to fix the damage of your gray car? Do you still keep it?

    Ava Harness

  2. This has been working well for family travel. We were unable to repair the other truck. Damage too extensive.

  3. I feel bad after hearing about your husband's car accident that sealed the deal with your old truck for good. But at least he's well and fine and that the new car has been performing greatly. And by the way, good car choice! Its efficiency, coupled with its stylish design, surely made it a good catch! You be careful now, okay?
    Arlyne @ Spartan Toyota Scion