10 February 2013

Bette A. Schneider Hofacre

This was my mother-in-law. She was born on July 28, 1933. On 28 January 2013, she went home to God. She is singing and dancing and feeling no pain. It was a long journey beginning with a stroke in February 2011. In December 2012, she was rushed to the hospital where they began treating her for pneumonia and Congestive Heart Failure. In January 2013, she was again rushed to the hospital. She was brought back to us. We began the task of saying goodbye. She was a good woman who was very strong. She became a nurse and married her love on 7 January 1961 and began to start a family with him. They had 5 children. I married the oldest and became part of the family. She was very happy to be a grandma. She was a grandmother to 1 grandson and 4 granddaughters. We miss her and think of her and some of the things she said to us over the years.

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