23 February 2013

The Alphabet Reading for One Year

I started the Alphabet Reading List. This is where you read a book that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I haven't updated in awhile, so here is the newest list. A. Aesop's Fables. I have about 68% read. B. Band of Brothers. Another book in progress. D. Designed for Devotion. This is a book you read a chapter a day for 365 days. Dyer Consequences, by Maggie Sefton. Another knitting mystery. G. God Has Better Things to Do Than My Laundry. I finished this in January. Reading Grimm's Fairy Tales. Presently reading and about 60% finished. I. I Funny by James Patterson. I read all things my girls read. My one daughter loved it. K. Knit One, Kill Two. This is a knitting mystery by Maggie Sefton. It is something I like to re-read. M. Maze Keepers. Another cute story meant for kids. I tried to get one of my girls to read it, but they are so far refusing. N. Needled to Death. Another book by Maggie Sefton that is a 2nd installment of a knitting mystery. S. Sasha, Extraordinary Daschund. Finished in January. Due to events happening in my life, my reading hasn't been as much as usual, but that can change. What are you reading?

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