21 January 2013

What to do in Warren County

When you live in an area like Warren County, OH (or in my case Lebanon, OH) and you have children, you have to search to find things to do for all weather. When the weather is bitterly cold or rainy, there are a few places you can go. Free: McDonalds in Lebanon, has a play area and it is pretty clean for the going place. You only need to buy a drink and you can stay for hours! Other kids to play with and free refills! Countryside YMCA, but for that you need a membership or know someone willing to meet you there and pay $5 to get in.
It is indoor so weather is not an issue, but Countryside has some pretty silly rules for "keeping children safe." For instance, if your child is unable to pass their swim test (which is not uniform), they have to wear a yellow bracelet and are supposedly watched closer than those who can pass the swim test, and can ride the slide, jump from diving board, and other things. Parents don't really have to watch those children. Doesn't exactly make me feel safe and I don't really like their set up and have said so frequently, but they don't really care what I think or feel. So I don't take my kids there as much as I would have if they didn't have this silly rule! Jump Stop Safari Just opened last year and I have a friend who took her kids there and the price can be prohibitive if you have a few children (i.e. $12 each kid and 3 kids = $36). But the kids will get some exercise and wear themselves out and have fun all at the same time. But I attached the link so you could try them out and maybe have some fun. Kings Island This amusement park sells individual passes and if you go 3 times you have made money (especially if you have parking on your pass). They have rides and water park and one pass gets you both sides! Well worth the trip! Boonshoft Museum A great museum for children under 12, older kids can have fun, but this science museum is geared more to the younger children, while COSI in Columbus is more for older children and adults. If you get a museum pass these places are free because your pass to one museum will get you into others. For instance, I have a Cincinnati Museum Center Cincinnati Museum Pass for my family and we use it a lot! We use it for COSI and Boonshoft also! Great use of a pass! I'll have to get more places together for you to check out and come see us in Warren County, OH!

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