17 January 2013

Bad Dog Owners

This is not the dog of my story. He was just up for a Parade in my city and was very cute and loving! Nothing like the dog listed below!
I live in an area where there are a lot of dogs. Most residents of my neighborhood have a dog (or more). I will admit, I even have a dog. What gets to me is how many of these people have a dog that shouldn't have a dog. We lived next door to a couple who had 4 dogs that attacked my daughters, every time they left the house! Thankfully, they moved! But she told all her friends and co-workers that I am the evil one and hate dogs! I don't hate dogs! I hate their owners! Especially, when the owners are horrible, evil owners. Over the winter break, my daughters were outside playing when a dog came up and started chasing them. Since they aren't afraid of dogs as much as they used to be (helps that the other dogs are gone), they felt that the dog was playing with them. But when I went out to try and get the dog out of my yard and back to his home, he growled at me! That is not playing! Then I found out that the dog had bitten my daughter, but because she was wearing her brand new, Christmas Coat, it tore her coat and not her arm! I reported the incident to the dog warden and the woman came over with her friend and started cursing at me. It seems that my repairing the coat (yes, I can sew) so she could continue to wear it out and about, "was a crock of S***!" It seems she cannot prove that the dog has been vaccinated or licensed! She has since refused to reimburse for the damaged coat (only $20, but I found it on sale when coats were easily available)! I really think that dogs that bite, are unlicensed and running free, should be taken from their owners and they should also be put down! No second chances on that one! Yes, I realize I have a dog, but if she bit someone (that was not breaking into my house), she would be destroyed! No second thoughts on my part! What are your thoughts!

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