02 January 2013

2013? Already?

It is here! 2013 has come to pass. My friends Elaine and Eddie have celebrated 13 years together! Congratulations! Also, Happy Birthday, Eddie! January 7, my in-laws will be celebrating 52 years together! Congratulations to Bob and Bette! January 8, my uncle and his wife will be celebrating about 55 years together! Congratulations Bob and Laura! My parents will be celebrating 47 years together! Congratulations Dick and Barb! I started the reading programs. I have nothing for the Men in Uniform (yet), but I will get something as I will double dip as much as possible! (Read 1 book that fits 2 programs) So to list the books: G - God Has Better Things to do Than My Laundry by Heather Nestleroad and Shannon Janeczek M - Maze Keepers by Linda McNabb S - Sasha Extraordinary Daschund by CJ Adams I plan on reading Band of Brothers (that will cover men in uniform and the letter B) I am on www.goodreads.com. I like it there. It helps me to organize what I am reading or have read and then I can use it to help me with the kids. I have a rule that I have to read whatever they are reading. That way they cannot plagarize a work and I can ask them questions to make sure they understood what they read. It keeps me busy. I really enjoy craft mysteries (i.e. knitting mysteries, cross stitch mysteries, etc). If you have any you enjoy, please share! I am also helping a crochet friend. She has some patterns that require testing and I am helping by making the item and letting her know where I made changes or have had a problem. I am enjoying this and my girls are loving the new hats. My friend's site is Ozark Lake Crochet on Etsy, so check it out! She has some pretty hats. Finished Hats:
As I said before, I am going to work on my WIPs. Today, I worked on the Goddess Knits Athena Smoke Ring. I need to finish it quickly so I can give it on Saturday or Sunday! I also need to finish a few afghans and a few scarves and I just joined a KAL for a scarf that will start on Jan 10th! (Interested check for it on Facebook). Happy New Year all!

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