07 January 2013

Time to Change my Blog Look

Blogs are changing and getting more interesting and while on mine, I thought I would look and see what is available. So I changed the look of my blog a little. I have finished a very old WIP and discovered it is too big! I think I can work with it, but it is too big for what it is supposed to be so I might try something different for another one. I'll post a photo later after my models get home from school. I am still working on the ABC Reading list: A - Aesop Fables (I love re-reading things I haven's read in awhile) B = Band of Brothers (I really enjoy reading History) D = Designed for Devotion: A 365 Day Journey from Genesis to Revelation G = God Has Better Things to do Than My Laundry M = Maze Keepers S = Sasha, Extraordinary Daschund Band of Brothers will also fill the Men In Uniform Reading (I need to find some others to read that will fill both). But I am starting and it is only January. I have two more hats to make today for the Crochet test. The person I am making them for is really sweet and has an Etsy shop where you can find the patterns for the hats that I have already made (previous pictures). For the last week of the Winter Break the girls and I have been going places to have some fun for awhile. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden (Cincinnati, OH) and the winter animals were active and gorgeous.
We also went to the Cincinnati Museum Center. They had the Trains out for everyone to enjoy. These trains were at the Duke Energy Center (when my husband and I were kids) and we would go over to see them every year.
This is such a wonderful place to go to and enjoy all the wonderful sites of Christmas and is worth every penny to get in! School started today and I am grateful that the kids got to school okay this morning and will be home soon. A school in our area had a deer break through the glass of the school. Poor deer and kids. That has to be scary for all of them! So tomorrow, maybe, I will be able to get some photos up showing some WIPS that are finished. Also, maybe some WIPs that will be finished soon (I Hope). Good Monday, everyone!

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