30 July 2016

July on the Way Out

July has flown by and is almost half over (and by the time I finish this post, it will be over). I worked on getting the next year's syllabus put together (and yes, I do make a syllabus), so that the girls can work on their own with the work. We are going to continue to work on things that they struggle on and move on to new things as well. We are going to study Government, as this is a Presidential election year. This will be interesting and fun. I learned from a wonderful man who works as a teacher at Lebanon (5th and 6th) and the library that the library has a blog! A for real blog! I looked it up. I saved it to my computer and will continue to search through the pages. Lebanon Public Library Blog - great resource for books. They even tried to keep them according to events. Check it out! The Library is interested in having things for homeschool kids and things where the school and homeschool kids can get together.

I am still cleaning out my emails, but I had to take a moment and save the Pokemon patterns to my blog (they got their own post). It was prompted by what has been happening with Pokemon Go and the fact that my kids still like Pokemon, but are not interested in doing the Pokemon Go, because they have seen the things that have been happening (bodies being found in creeks, people getting hit by a car or hitting a telephone pole with their car, etc).

I am also getting back into my knitting and crochet. I am wanting to finish things and make things that are small (and easy to carry with me since we are constantly on the go). Large projects are waiting and I will get them finished as soon as school restarts in August. We will have to do more work at home and get some books from libraries and get them working. I am excited by this year's school lessons and I hope that the girls get on board and they have fun, too.

Columbus Zoo is having a Hoofit Program! Each one has something different, there is one in August that is about heart attacks and strokes and one in September about regular checkups. I am really interested in going to these with the girls as they will be good to include in our school plan. We have to do programs on health, first aid, fire safety. I had things all mapped out, but it is easy to include other things into our schedule, that is the beauty of homeschooling! We can go attend a program and walk the zoo and learn so many other things while we are at it.

Also, for the record, August 2nd is National Night Out. Our town (Lebanon) is having an event and my girls have volunteered to help with another city's National Night Out. The Youth Director for a church we go to didn't know what program he had agreed to get help for, he just agreed. Should be a fun day.

Lock-in at the library, also happened this month. The girls have been kept busy all summer long, thanks to all the library programs. Their absolute favorite is a 6 hour lock in at the library. They have games, food and lots of socializing (for those who think, how do you socialize your child, here is the answer). They also have 3D printing lessons on Saturday and so many other things to do. This should be a really fun weekend for the girls. I am so glad that we have libraries providing these programs. It helps my girls learn new things and then they want to learn and do more.

Spiral Lapghan
Parquet Tiles Crochet Blanket
C2C Fox Blanket

Baby Jester Hat

Errand Bags
Crochet Owl Bag - adorable!

Crochet Heart Ornament
Christmas Tree Amigurumi
Christmas Elf Amigurumi
Christmas Angel Amirgurumi
Christmas Reindeer Amigurumi

Swiffer Cover (Crochet) I have made this with the knit pattern, so it is nice to know that there is a crochet version for those who can't knit.

Captain America Dishcloth
WTF Dishcloth
Sine Wave Dishcloth
Sherlock 221B Dishcloth
Batman Dishcloth
Green Lantern Dishcloth
Flash Dishcloth
Winter Snowman Dishcloth
Dahlia Dishcloth

Dr Who:
7th Dr Hat
Bow Ties are Cool Dishcloth
Jayne Hat
Adipose Dishcloth
Cyberman V1 Dishcloth
Cyberman V2 Dishcloth
Cybermen Logo Dishcloth
Don't Blink Dishcloth
Bad Wolf Dishcloth
Jelly Baby Dishcloth
Dr Who K9 Dishcloth
Dr Who Logo Dishcloth
Dr Who Ribbed Cowl
Seal of Rassilon Dishcloth
Simple Dalek Dishcloth
The Angels Have the Blue Box Dishcloth
Tardis Dishcloth
I Heart Heart Dr Who Dishcloth

Margarete Fingerless Mitts
Top Down Mittens - for big kids
Animal Mittens for younger children

Harry Potter:
Pygmy Puff

Twisted Reversible Hat
Joy Inspired Hat - for toddlers
Minecraft Inspired Creeper Hat

Snowman Pot Holder
Flower Hotpad - this is a really pretty finished item.

Meaning of Life Scarf - beautiful cabled scarf.

Blue Jeans and Moon Beams Shawl

Small Shell Socks

Blue Bunny
Stacking Panda Pillows

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