15 July 2016

July and All the Fun of Summer

July has come along and we celebrated our Independence Day on the weekend and day of the 4th. We went to parties with friends, spent time with family (my husband's family) and girls walked in parades. They have so much fun with all their activities. They are learning computer programming at the Lebanon Public Library (Washington-Centerville Public Library has the same thing, just one day instead of 5 Saturdays). I printed out the girls scores from the National Testing that shows they learned and are at average or greater than average and can move onto the next year of schooling. I now have a 6th, 7th and 8th grader. My cousin helped me with a book that I could use for one class for the girls, as well as suggestions of things we could add to the list for Government/History/Geography. I really appreciate the help. I kind of knew some of what I wanted, but I wanted to be sure we got something that would make the information clear for the girls. Geography will continue with the use of post cards. That is where a post card is received and we use it to find on the maps (yep, those are all over the house) and then research the area. Some people have been so wonderful at putting questions on the card, so that they get to find out something that maybe others wouldn't know. This is stressful for me as I borrow tons of books from the libraries and go through them and decide if they will be used this year or not. I have found some really great books this way and the libraries are so great! Talking with another homeschooler (who started with her 1st child and then moved up until she graduated from college soon after high school), she said that Ohio is a very homeschool friendly state and that many of our libraries are just as friendly. I have to agree. I am still so amazed at the: "How do you socialize?" "How do you have the patience for this?" "How much education do you have?" "How do you figure you are smart enough to teach your children?" I pointed out that children in school do not socialize, they sit quietly in their seats. Socialization happens on the bus or at home, not at school. How did this idea that kids socialize at school start? They are even shocked that I have an education! What? Just because I stay at home and take care of my family does not mean I didn't achieve an education. Stress! So when I opened today's email, it had a lot of stress knitting. Yeah! Something I am good at!

We have a really cool spider just outside our back door. Last year we had 2, one at the back window and one at the back door. They are pretty big (so they must be getting enough to eat and we give them names. As a joke last year, we named them for the older two girls. This year the one at the back door has the youngest's name. The youngest loved this last year, but is not fond of it this year.

I have been trying to find time to sit and work on my knitting and crochet so that I can finish all the WIPs I have. I have quite a few, but I really was thrown for a loop by things that were said or done or found out during and after the time of my mother's death. But I am slowly doing better and I have resolved that I will not allow those people to hurt me any longer. I will no longer allow those people to have room for free in my head. It is easy to say, but I am trying and every day is a new day and I will continue to try. I will make things for me, or for people who mean something to me and only those people. I will make hats for babies, children who are in need and don't have access to hats otherwise. I will make shawls for people who are ill and really just need something to wrap themselves up in and actually love these items. I will make for my children who love hand made items and know how much goes into making things and wear them proudly! I will make dishcloths for me! Because I use them and I know that they are better than anything I will ever be able to buy for 5 for $1 at Walmart! I will make an afghan for my husband, who loves me and loves everything I make and asks for things that he wants. I will make socks for my nephew! Because he has always reveled in having hand made items. I will make for nieces who love hats and mittens and scarves. I am blessed with many.

101 Books to Read Before College

Nostalgic Recipes - Links are on the page

Cluster Burst Afghan
Long Live the Queen Afghan
World's Fastest Crochet Afghan
Rainbow Tunisian Crochet Afghan
Big Cables Throw
Countryside Charm Afghan
Kaleidescope Afghan
Magnolia Afghan
Heirloom Crochet Wedding Ring Style Afghan
Mod Mitered Blanket

Bunny Beanie
Baby Socks
Frog Pond Baby Blanket
Baby Mittens
Crochet Sandal
Flower Bonnet - Totally adorable baby bonnet! Wish my girls were still little and I could put them in it.
Football Earflap Hat - Totally adorable for the baby of a football enthusiast.
Baby Frog Hat - super cute

Thrifty Market Bag
Candy Bar Clutch

Littlest Angels Christmas Ornaments
Mrs. Claus Amigurumi
Mr. Claus Potholder
Polar Bear Ornaments
Polar Express Bell Ornament
Crochet Reindeer Purse
Buddy the Elf Hat for Toddlers

Doll Clothes:
American Girl Dresses

Peaks Cables Hat

Summer Lighthouse Dishcloth
Seashell Coasters

Red Heart Patterns - Red Heart has some really lovely yarns and they have some gorgeous free patterns. Always a good link to keep on your bookmarks.

Kimberly Mitts - Cabled and Fingerless! They are really cute and given that my hands get so cold in the winter, I love fingerless mitts or gloves.
Herbaceous Mitts The arms on these are little longer, but they are gorgeous.
Diagonal Eyelet Fingerless Mitts Simple and Beautiful. Great gifts.
Margarete Fingerless Gloves Beautiful Pattern
Figure 8 Wristwarmers - Cables that look like 8's.

Summer Morning Shawl
Grand Canyon Sunset Shawl

Lazy Day Knit Socks
Chunky Crochet Slippers this is from Moogly blog.
Lotus Blossom Knit Socks

Knit Lemon Stress Ball

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